Company profile

E.U.T. Anlagenbau GmbH – a member of the Austrian HEAT Group since September 2011 with headquarters at Biedermannsdorf/Austria – specialises in

  • one-stop solutions for exhaust-air purification
  • heat recovery systems
  • designing customised plants

Long years of experience and the Group’s international expert network have made E.U.T. a reliable partner ideally placed to solve environmental problems. Our specialised engineers design and build plants, and monitor their manufacturing and assembly (carried out by competent and long-established partner companies worldwide) right through to their commissioning.

We use tried and tested technologies such as thermal and catalytic exhaust air cleaning systems in combination with the latest know-how in process engineering and controls & instruments technology in order to come up with solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers.
Our range of products covers oxidative (thermal or catalytic cleaning) as well as absorptive (activated carbon and zeolite) systems, which enables us to develop the best solution in ecological as well as economic terms for our customers.

We constantly strive to develop and expand our range of products and services, carry out a stringent quality assurance programme based on EN ISO 9001 on an ongoing basis, work to standardise our components and design our plants on modular principles, thereby ensuring that we have a technological and commercial edge over our competitors. When it comes to exhaust-air purification, solvent recovery and heat engineering customers’ requirements are stringent and diverse – by constantly expanding our know-how and applying the latest technology we offer certainty and competence.

Our list of references includes plants supplied by us on a worldwide scale to customers in the

  • chemical industry
  • plastic industry
  • textile industry
  • electronic and semiconductor industry
  • paints industry

and other industries as well as to printshops.